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September Release | Sneak Peek #4

Already Day 4 of our Sneak Week! I hope you are liking what you see so far

This fun little set we are sneaking today is called Fun in the Snow. Oh, how fun it is to ski and skate in the snow! Do you love to ski, skate or snowboard? I only recently discovered skiing and I love it! Can’t wait to get back on the slopes in the coming year.

I created a fun little interactive card with the little penguins and bears in this set. You can see a little penguin falling over and another skiing in this sneak… what other ‘actions’ do you think there are in this set? Please let me know using the comment form below

Our September Release will be available in our Store on Monday, September 9th at 9am EST. It’s super easy to remember the date and time for this release… it’s all N-I-N-E-s!

For more sneaks from our Designers, hop on over to Instagram where I linked their accounts and their sneak pics.

– Evelin

6 thoughts on “September Release | Sneak Peek #4

  1. Too cute. I'm thinking 'snowball fight' and 'doing a pirouette/spin'.

  2. Penguins are so cute, maybe one is pulling a sled or skiing. I've never been skiing but it seems like fun.

  3. Can't wait for you to find out if you got them *winks*!

    hahahahaa….. September 9th!!! I can't wait to see what you create!

  5. ooooh…. I love what you think!
    Skiing is fun. Although I think I fell on my bum more times than I managed to ski down the slope 😛

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