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Good Tidings to You Frameless Shaker Snowman Card

Hello Friends! Kelly Griglione here to share a really fun card featuring the darling snowman from Good Tidings to You using a new-to-me technique that I recently saw Ilda Dias use … frameless shaker cards! Although I love how shakers look, I was never really a fan of making them because I didn’t like using all of that foam tape. Plus the bulk made it difficult to mail.

With this style of shaker card though, you skip the foam tape and bulk. Instead, wrap clear mylar, acetate, packaging, report covers, cellophane, basically anything you can find that’s clear, around the area you want to shake. You could make the entire card a shaker if you wanted to! Obviously the thicker the material you use, the better your card will hold up.

I grabbed one of my husband’s clear comic book bags and cut a piece that would fit around my panel.  Then I added the shaker elements to my panel, folded the sides of the clear mylar back behind the panel, and secured all the sides with tape.  I like that the snowflakes move around plenty when you shake it, but it also tends to hold the shaker contents in place. It’s a good balance. Love how the snowflakes float around the darling snowman like it’s really snowing. 

I’ve only used the snowman here, but the Good Tidings to You set has five other adorable illustrations. Evelin always draws the cutest critters ever! I just want to give this guy a big hug!
Thanks so much for stopping by!
Kelly Griglione

4 thoughts on “Good Tidings to You Frameless Shaker Snowman Card

  1. So cute Kelly!

  2. These frameless shakers are so quick and easy, love this fun winter card.

  3. This looks like a really fun card to make!

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