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Evelin T Designs (ETD) was originally founded in 2007 as AngelicQuirk Handmade Crafts (AHC). ETD has always been about arts & crafts, with its focus shifting over time on different variety of art. ETD began initially with card-making, stylish accessories & fashionable jewelries, followed by the art of book-binding. ETD is currently focused on hand-letter printing, portrait illustration and stamp designing.

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Our History

Want to learn more about Evelin T Designs? Read the story below.

Evelin’s Journey

Hi! Welcome to Evelin T Designs. 

I’m Evelin, designer and owner of Evelin T Designs and I am so glad that you are here. Our mission is to “bring Joy through stamping”.

Our stamps are designed and made locally in the USA with high-quality clear photopolymer.

Education & Professional Experience

Evelin graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from the Campbell University with a concentration in Biology & Chemistry by 2003. She started her career in the corporate world with pharmaceutical giant, Roche, for several years. Eventually, Evelin moved on join United Overseas Bank (UOB) and HSBC as Assistant Vice Presidents.

Mid-life Crisis?

Evelin stepped out of the career ladder in 2008 to pursue her interest in both entrepreneurship and crafting, amid little support from her family. Backed by her husband, Evelin ventured into the following types of businesses before turning her attention solely on AngelicQuirk Handmade Crafts:

  • Women’s fashion
  • Personal healthcare and well-being
  • Personal finance
  • Shipping

Featured Work

Although the Malaysia art scene has very little real-estate space, there are many artist competing with one another. Yet, Evelin’s unique, quirky and whimsical style and her passion in the art of book-binding was able to captivate the attention of the local market operator, earning her a spot in the one and only mainstream art market in Kuala Lumpur known as Central Market. AngelicQuirk’s presence slowly garnered the interest of some local media, and her story was featured in the 3rd issue of the LifeTimes magazine in 2011.

Magazine cover and article on AngelicQuirk
AngelicQuirk featured in the gospel magazine LifeTimes 2011/3 issue.

Handmade notebook by Evelin aka AngelicQuirk featured in Going Places, Malaysia Airline July 2011
AngelicQuirk featured in airline magazine Going Places ‘s July 2011 issue.

In the same year, Evelin’s incredible passion and sheer attention-to-detail is evident in every piece of art and craft that she produced. The high-quality handmade notebooks produced with fun and quirky cloth covers were even featured in the Malaysia Airline in-flight magazine, Going Places July 2011’s issue .

Adversity or Opportunity

After relocating to the US due to her husband’s work, Evelin eventually went on to design stamp sets for Winnie & Walter and PinkFresh Studio. Over time, ETD ventured into the business of producing high-quality and attractive stamp sets.

If you are reading this by now, you would have recognize that a common theme is about changes. Change happens all the time and Evelin hopes that her story will serve as an inspiration to the girls, ladies and women around the world to overcome the challenges of big or small changes that may come their way.